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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
But that's what is so important and powerful about that scene. She's a young psi-cop in training, right? But even Bester is willing to do that bit of dirty work to spare her any kind of pain she might feel.

She was just glowing with eagerness to help out.
That was probably a test, to see if she'd freely do it. If she took Bester up on it, and let him space the mundane, she'd have failed that test. To both the young girl psi-cop in training and Bester, normal humans (mundanes) are, at most, objects to be used or obstacles to be eliminated. The spacing appears to have been some sort of standard procedure, and she passed the test.

And the frightening part about seeing a compassionate side to Bester and the rest is to see how that same compassion as been completely eliminated from them, when it comes to normals.
But we've seen that from Bester all along. We saw that from Kelsey in "Mind War" in Season 1. That's nothing new. What we got to see in this episode is that it's also in the young girl psi-cop in training. When it comes to compassion toward mundanes, she has all the warmth of Talia's alternate personality, i.e. none.

It would be so much easier to just say "psi-cops like Bester simply HAVE no compassion".
That would be true if the writer is going for nothing more than the simplistic, but JMS is trying to show us something more (Psi Corps. upbringing is elaborated upon in the Psi Corps. trilogy.). In reality, it's ingrained in them by Psi Corps, by their upbringing. It seems that those P-12s who can fully eliminate their compassion toward mundanes (unlike Byron) are good Psi Cop candidates.
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