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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

Aw, had those sixth toes removed finally, Joe?
My sister thnks the (admittedly larger than usual) gap between my big toe and the rest of the toes on each of my feet is freakishly huge, and when we were kids used to tell our friends and neighbors that I'd had an extra toe removed from that spot. I think she was just jealous because she couldn't dial a rotary phone or pick up a key with her feet - skills which I thought would come in handy if we were ever tied up by burglars.

Seriously though, many healing vibes headed your way, and I hope you feel better soon. Painkillers are a wonderful thing. Got class 2 narcotics, or the lightweight stuff?
Tylenol-Codiene threes if you can believe it. And I had to ask the quack for that much. He sent me home with nothing but a presciption for anti-biotics, which I didn't question at the time since my toes were still numb from the anasthetic. But when that wore off a few hours later it felt like somebody had fitted a gom jabber to each foot. I called the office (which had closed), got the answering service which took a message for the doctor on call - who turned out to be my doctor. He called back a couple of hours later and I talked him into writing the scrip. Then I realized that pharmacies don't deliver any more. (There is one in the area that does nothing but deliveries, but you have to open an account in person before they'll accept prescriptions by phone or fax.) So I had to walk down three flights of stairs to my car, drive to the nearest Walgreens, walk to the phramacy counter at the back of ths store, then stand behind Ma Kettle as she balanced her checkbook, sorted all her coupons and change and negotiated a lasting peace betwen the Israelis and Palestinians before she finally got out of my way after picking up her drugs. Then I walked the length of the store again, across the parking lot, drove the five blocks to my place and climbed back up those three flights of stairs before collapsing on the couch and finding out the doctor had not supplied the oxycodone or morphine I had hoped for, but Tyllenol with a little cough suppressent. I compensated by taking two days worth the in the first 18 hours.

I had to come home a couple of hours early yesterday, myfirst full day back on my feet. (And the first wearing footwear of any kind since Saturday. Sneakers. Found out I had over-padded one toe, though, so it was kinda squished most of the day. Really couldn't change the dressing at work.) Today I got in a litle late, just beause everything takes longer when you're limping, but I lasted the whole day, even stayed a little late to finish getting all the network accounts for tomorrow's bi-weekly class of new highers set up on the network.

And thanks for the healing thoughts, I'm sure they'll help.

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