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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

Note that (per the Lurker's Guide) the Day of the Dead only occurs once every 200 years. It is entirely plausable that:
A) There had not been one since the Brakiri made contact with other races.
Reminds me that I've never noticed if the beginning of Brakiri spaceflight has been assigned a date by any story.

And if they *did* then that investigation would have taken place on the Brakiri home world (should that be allowed).
A good point. At least Brakiri themselves (who'd not consider it an old wives' tale, and of whom some would desire to figure it out) would probably take their chances at crunching the mystery on their homeworld.

I would doubt that any investigator who did take old Brakiri reports seriously, and did know about the temporary buying of part of B5, would almost certainly still not expect the effects to occur on B5).
That's plausible. And information might not travel quickly enough for anyone to respond and collect comparison data on B5 once it started.
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