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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

i can buy G'Kar's fear, but what i always wondered was why was Garibaldi visited by dodger, sure if he wasn't with lise then it could be the ghost of a missed opportunity, but i don't buy her as the ghost of missed opportunities in general.
I get the feeling that Dodger wanted to see Garibaldi, i.e. that the impetus for that visit was from Dodger's end of things.
I can't imagine (assuming a dead spirit can even exist and want to and is able to visit a living person) that she'd so very much want to hang out with some guy she met once who just didn't want to fuck her. Besides, the theme of the episode was that the people were visited by those who they needed to see.

I guess Garibaldi needed Dodger as someone who could offer him a bit of companionship that wasn't burdened with judgement and expectations. As much as Lise and Franklin and everybody around him cares about him, it's conditional and accompanied with demands: don't drink, do your job, etc. Dodger just wants to hang out and have a little fun. That's a nice feeling.
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