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Re: EpDis: The Deconstruction Of Falling Stars

My understanding is that the other humans that were offworld were the ones that those on Earth were going to blow up
I thnk the episode makes it clear that there were two factions on Earth that were fighting, and the bone of contnetion was precisely how much contact/influence "outsiders" should have. The ensuing war was purely intramural.

The result was a radioactive Earth with a primative civilization hostile to science and technology and particularly resentful of off-world Humans and aliens to the extent that they remember such things. How many volunteers to visit that hell hole do you think you're going to get from among the peaceful and prosperous denizens of, say, Mars, or Proxima. Of course everybody would say, "too bad", but a) the folks on Earth had brought it on themselves, and b) until they dug themselves sufficiently out of the rubble and the radiation levels dropped, there wouldn't be a hell ofa lot anybody could do. I'd say the Rangers covert aid is about as much as can be done about as early as it is feasible to try.

Look, it isn't like we haven't had enough analogous situations right here on Earth. Countries have fallen into chaos and civil war many times without the rest of the world intervening, or even knowing very much about it. Stop the average man on the street in York or Strasbourg or Baltimore and ask him if he knows what the word "Darfur" means.


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