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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

I always saw the "what does this thing do" comment as nothing more than just an in-joke between sci-fi show creators and viewers about silly strange futuristic technology props used in sci-fi. I never looked at it as even attempting to be more than that.

As for the aliens just disappearing after the episode, two points. One, it's not like we got every day of life on B5 for our viewing pleasure, they very easily could have caused problems down the road. There is like what seventeen or eightteen years between when Sheridan leaves B5 in "Objects At Rest" and when the station is retired in "Sleeping In Light". Plenty of time for some run-ins there. Two, even if the aliens never did bother poking a stick at B5 again doesn't mean that other alien civilizations didn't ever have any issues with them, but the show is Babylon 5 not The League of Non-Aligned Worlds, so it wouldn't be particularly important to show us any of those conflicts (hell, we didn't even see any of the inner conflicts between members of the League during the Shadow War that the Shadows encouraged).
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