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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

no remote probes
So, just for fun, I decided to actually read through some of the Lurker's Guide synopsis, and what's the first thing it says?

In hyperspace, a probe is destroyed by passing fighters. Shortly thereafter, Capt. Lochley is awakened by a call from Lt. Corwin, telling her of the probe's destruction. "Is it them?" she asks, but the probe was destroyed too quickly to give much information. She gets up and goes to C&C.

When she gets there she informs the command crew that this is probably the scouting party they've been warned about....
I rewatched the episode. Yes, there was that one probe that was destroyed after sending partial info. BTW, some of the ships looked a lot like a Drakh cruiser in shape (not necessarily in size).

So, we've got our probe encountering and being destroyed by the fleet. And Lochley asks "is it them?" and then talks to the command personnel about this being the onese they were warned about. So they've all been talking about and communicating with other governments about the fleet; it's not like the fleet just came out of nowhere. They've been anticipating them. They were warned about them.

So, just because we aren't given some huge endless list of details about this race,
I am not asking for "some huge endless list of details." I just think that these aliens shouldn't have gone "Poof!" at the end of the battle, never to be heard of again, not even in passing, not even a name, as...if...they...never...existed.

... it's not as if the people in command hadn't been getting some information on them for at least a little bit of time; the race wasn't some big and total surprise. We viewers get this episode through the perspectives of two plain maintenence workers, so it makes sense that we're not getting some giant military intelligence dossier on this fleet because maintenance workers wouldn't be getting that information either. It fits the story being told in the episode.
There you go again. I am not looking for "some giant military intelligence dossier." Why is it when I ask for tidbits of info., for the aliens not to be dropped like a hot potato, never to be heard of again, it somehow translates to you as "some huge endless list of details" and "some giant military intelligence dossier" ?
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