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Re: EpDis: Learning Curve

Some additional points, after having several more moments of idle time to proceed wearing out a perfectly good keyboard:

- It seems the Ranger didn't commence with fighting that guy before he picked up the staff. I don't recall the episode well enough to remember whether anyone suggested, or didn't suggest that he pick it up. In any case, the consequence of picking up a weapon you are offered, seems pretty obvious without use of explanatory language. It's fighting.

-Bah, fear of losing a fight is natural, but the preferable way to deal with having lost a fight, is not always getting into the next one straight away. Then again, if the person who caused grief is still within reach, and is the kind of person for whom it's awfully justified to cause some grief in return, and one's healthy enough to go causing it... the proposition of "why not, let's try again, but this time if you fail, we'll handle him anyway" certainly sounds more sensible.
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