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Re: EpDis: Learning Curve

Besides, I don't recall 'terror' being mentioned in the 'declaration of principles' that the Alliance is meant to hold so dear.
The Rangers were not talking about terror in terms of applying "terror" to the criminal.

They were talking about the "terror" that had been created in the mind of the Ranger and his need to face / confront that terror so that he would not be reacting from a phobic mindset in the future.

The important part was for him to come face-to-face with what had terrorized him so that he could have som measure of control, mostly in terms of mental control of himself, in such situations. It was more a coincidence of the circumstances of his particular incident that dictated that this involve a violent confrontation with a criminal, not some requirement of "terrorizing" violent criminals. If he had been burned in a fire, then that application of "terror" would have involved him going into or through a burning room or something similar.

Even if he had lost the fight, he still would have faced the situation with some measure of control and would likely not have as irrationally phobic of a response to similar situations going forward. That was the point, not giving "terror" to the guy who had beaten him.
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