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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

First off I would like to say that I think a fleet of ships could hide very easily in space.You could make an attack and be light years away before any rescue/inspection team get there.Then there is the possabilty that they were hiding in hyperspace.It was known that there was a hostile fleet,it just wasn't known where they were at that moment.

As for people watching the battle like it was a TV show why not?People do it here,the Iraq war being a prime example.You can not expect every alien race to have human mannerisms or body language either.A alien smile could signify fear as much as happyness.

Have to agree with the point made about Byron.Easily the most boring and annoying character ever to grace B5.

I thought the episode was ok but as far as the series goes one of the worst.The thing is that the show was of such a high quality that an episode that is just "average" seems worse.
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