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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

Of all the off-format episodes, I think A View from the Gallery is one of the least succesful, IMO, but it isn't the worst of them. The alien invaders do seem contrived (and look really naff, but I guess they were on a budget) but I guess they aren't that important, they're just a plot device to frame the story around (I just imagine that they are some minions of the Shadows who have got above their station and have come looking for revenge against the station - but we can all make up our own ideas, and I don't think it matters).

Bo and Mack are ok as characters but some of the dialogue (highlighted by Deaded, above) is pretty risable. This epsiode also seems to be the point where the special effects really take a downturn, not just in terms of the quality of the CGI but particularly in how the animators are making the spaceships move and framing the scenes.

Overall I like the concept of this episode, though maybe the execution wasn't that great. There were some nice moments, and of the early run of season 5 episodes its probably one of the better ones.

Oh, and if anyything had happened while they were with Delenn, I imagine it would have beeen her looking after Bo and Mack rather than the other way around.
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