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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

The episode was originally intended for Season 4
Yeah, blah..blah.. blah whatever. Either it worked or it didn't. They filmed it, they aired it, and it sucked! More than even the ISN episodes. This is my very very most unfavorite out of all 110. I've only acquired up to volume 9 of the scripts but I think I still remember enough to trash it. This is where season 5 really bit, and it never got much better IMHO (though there were moments).

"Matt what are these things for?"
"What do you mean what are they for? You run them over the floor like this... "
"No, I mean what do they DO? They don't clean it or anything."
"Something for the metal, I don't know. Maybe it makes it stronger."
"You mean you don't know what it does either?"
"Well, then I guess it's time for lunch."

Give me a break. I'm sorry. I love 95% of B5 but this is absolute crap. Also that, "Tastes like chicken," routine. PuhLEASE!

I appreciated the conversation that Franklin had with that maintenance guy (Bo?). I've always identified with Franklin, maybe because I'm an ER doc too, but I've had those types of conversations with medics. Real heart to hearts, where you give up some of yourself, hoping that maybe it will touch the other person enough to maybe prevent them from making your mistakes, or living through your pain. ...Maybe just to let them know that they're not alone in their feelings, that doing the right thing isn't necessarily hopeless, and maybe they are not the only one who wants to go the easy route and give into the system. That was good stuff. Really good imo. But it was just once scene. ... oh and that scene where Jíkar talks about growing up in bomb shelters. That was good too.

But then thereís that battle where theyíre watching live killing like itís on wide screen TV. The only thing that was missing was popcorn. Even though they talked like itís deep, their mannerisms and body postures donít make you believe that *they* believe that people are getting killed out there. Itís like they are sitting on a stage delivering a speech, not acting in a TV show. More like a demonstration during an acting class or something. Itís just not good. Itís not believable. Not REAL.

Oh yeah, and then there was when Sheridan trusted his wifeís life to two maintenance workers that he had never met before??? Come ON! I just donít buy any of it.

And then thereís Byron! Meh. Any episode with him automatically loses a grade point. There goes the tiny little boost that this episode got for the Franklin scene. Nothing else redeems it. I mean, I do understand where JMS was going. I understand that there are many perspectives and they are all just as valid as the other. I do appreciate that there are always people around hearing part of what we say and putting things together for themselves without knowing all the facts; just as we do from otherís perspectivesí. But it just doesnít WORK. Itís dumb. Itís silly; almost embarrassing at times. At least thatís how I feel.

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