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Re: \"Changeling\" derailed or at least postponed

JMS's response to a post on the Moderated Newsgroup:

Just to clarify before the wrong impression gets out there....the
project has not been back burnered. First, Imagine owns the script,
they bought it, they want it, they want to see it made, so does
Universal. When Ron decided to go with the Frost/Nixon thing first,
one option would have been to hold onto Changeling until he was free to
direct it. But with the Forst/Nixon thing going first, Changeling
couldn't be shot until Ron is going to produce, with Imagine,
and they're going to get another a-list director to come on board and
shoot this thing asap. The only thing that got back-burnered was Ron,
Imagine still wants to make this, and Ron has been gracious enough to
allow another director in, but still produce it, so it can get filmed
this year.

The draft is now ready to go, there are five a-list directors who have
said they want to come on, it's been budgeted, and the president of
Imagine called today *specifically* to say that they want to put this
thing into high gear now that Ron's made up his mind. They'd like to
see this thing going before the cameras by Spring.

Like I said...

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