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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

And "This is not to my personal taste" is not the same thing as "This is objectively bad".

I gave it a D (Poor) and I thought that was being charitable. It was pure filler, like they had to crank out an episode and nobody could think of anything, so they threw together this padding piece.
Uh-huh. Like a story with both JMS and Harlan Ellison's names on it was because nobody could think of an idea for an episode?! Yeah, right.

It's common to read sentiments like the above with the stand-alone stories and with the off-format stories and this episode is both. Generally, you hear it from the arc-addicts who think that anything that doesn't further the arc is 'filler'. Not saying that's your stand, KoshN, just that its something I read regularly.

I love it for the characters and for the different point of view. But then, I generally love the off-format episodes. I like when JMS tlits things sideways.

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