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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

Where'd they come from? What was their name? Who'd they conquer, or were they "attack and loot" sort of aliens, just passing through?
We don't know. Which is sorta the freakin' point. There are still mysteries and unknowns out there. Not everything is going to be tied up with a neat little bow and come with a card listing all the particulars. Since we never did see them again, and they didn't stay to conquer and occupy any of the systems they did hit, I'd say the logical inference from the information that JMS does give us in the episode is that they are the "'attack and loot' sort of aliens, just passing through?" See, there's an answer to one of your questions, and it was right in front of you the whole time.

They're a reminder that the Shadow War and the formation of the Alliance didn't solve everything, that the universe is still full of surprises and that history (even fictional future history), unlike a story, never ends. They're a glimpse of the million and one tales that could be told in the B5 universe, but never will be. Why is this a problem for some people? Any really well imagined "sub-creation" (I think Tolkein's word applies here) is going to have the potential to generate many more stories than a thousand writers could produce in a thousand lifetimes.


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