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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

I really don't see the objection to the one stop aliens.

A location mid-way between the various powers is not necessarily one surrounded by the various powers. If the leaders of the leading countries on both sides of the Paciifc decided to create a meeting place roughly equidistant from all of them, they'd literally end up at Midway - Midway Island. Which is not notable for bordering much of anything.

In fact, B5 is where it is because the region is unimportant and not worth anyone's bothering with. Which makes it a perfectly reasonable spot for someone moving from point-A to point-B to travel through on their way elsewhere.

People are talking about B5's position like we are looking at national boundries on a map - countries on the surface of a globe. Space, as people keep forgetting, is three dimensional. The aliens could be coming from any direction and there may be no known sentient life along the line they've followed.

That's why they call it "space", folks. Because there's a lot of it.


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