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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

First of all, it doesn't need to be "totally and completely 360 on all axes". If you believe what's said in the episode, that this fleet is purposely engaging whoever they find in order to gauge their combat strength, then they would be going out of their way to hit people / places. Therefore, for them to get to B5 without giving much warning, the gap required couldn't be even remotely "small"; the gap would have to be a huge gaping hole.

I find that highly unlikely because:

A) Lots of the races around B5 have shown quite aggressive expansionist tendancies.

B) A couple of those races have been at it (as expansionist spacefaring races) for a looooong time.

C) Once again, Babylon 5 was specifically placed in a location that was centrally between all of those competing powers.

The combination makes me think that it would highly unlikely that any large vacuum of power / control would be left unexploited for long. Somebody would have moved in with at least some pressense to stake a claim.

The Centauri are always talking about how much their empire has declined as they have been pushed back by newer powers. And that gets talked about as a general trend, not just the Narn gaining independence and then expanding out, and not just a whole series of rebellions gaining independence. Do you really think that fighting to take planets away from entrenched technological powers would be the most cost effective way to grow a new empire if there were large unclaimed regions in the immediate vicinity?
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