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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

ultimately the storylines felt rushed and because it was never intended, the arcs were all finished in season 4.
No, the story lines weren't "never intended". I don't have the quotes at my fingertips, but from back before S1 JMS had said that he intended the series to show the entire cycle of the war ..... *including* the reconstruction afterwards.

And I remember the stuff that KoshFan was talking about too. Intersections in Real Time would have been the S4 cliffhanger (ala Z'Ha'dum the year before). Meaning that the season boundary only shifts by 4 episodes (this much is stated explicitly among the quotes in the JMS Speaks portion of the IiRT page at the Lurkers Guide), and one of those 4 extra S4 eps would have been A View from the Gallery with EarthForce as the attackers (don't have the source quotes for that at hand, but I know that I read it somewhere along the line .... and not just in fan speculation).

The problem with S5 isn't that it telling stories that hadn't been planned all along. It's that the demise of PTEN ended up forcing them not to start weaving in those threads during season 4. Because of *that* feel detached from the rest of the arc, not part of the whole interwoven tapestry.
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