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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

I can't imagine that any of the races, even major ones, have utter and total domination and awareness over absolutely every sliver of space they claim to be theirs.
But that argument ignores the theoretical point of that race's incurssion.

If they're looking for beatable targets .... conquerable territory .... as the the episode said ...... Then they should have been probing at the defenses of whoever's territory they got to as they went. It makes no sense to stealthily slip through a large expanse of space and then hold a major battle to test the "beat-ability" of the people that you find on the other side. Even if you do find out that the race that you test is beatable, their territory is still not a candidate for conquest if you have to rely on being able to sneak through somebody else's territory every time that you want to send anything or anyone in either direction between that new territory and your established paower base. For all sorts of command / control / logistics reasons your position in that newly won territory would completely untennable.

This point doesn't wreck this whole episode for me. However, that doesn't mean that the point about this race's sudden appearance not making logical sense isn't valid.
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