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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

As for coming from formerly Shadow space, Shadow space had been out on the Rim. Again, they would have to come through some of the already known races' territorries to get to Babylon 5.
While one can make a really big deal about it if they want, I don't see it as some big thing. It's not as if there's some meticulously canon map of the galaxy and who controlled what territory out there. And it's not like any such map could be concrete anyway because of just how much space there is out there in space. Space is HUGE. I can't imagine that any of the races, even major ones, have utter and total domination and awareness over absolutely every sliver of space they claim to be theirs.

The other thing about the being a one-shot, is that it just felt incongruous with everything that JMS had done in the rest of the 5 years. Babylon 5 had just never been a show where a large fleet of ships showed up to be the main antagonist in one episode without ever being hinted at before or after.
Not a fleet of ships, but still one-shots that travelled through space, mattered for an episode, and then never mattered again:

the probe in "A Day In The Strife"
the Streib in "All Alone In The Night"
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