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Re: EpDis: The Paragon Of Animals

Second, he was doubly an idiot, because he should have gone straight to Delenn. If anyone could wrastle the League into doing something positive, it was Delenn -- and if any race had spare planets lying around, it was the Minbari.
I'm not sure about the Minbari have spare planets laying around, but, I do remember yelling at the screen asking what are you doing you idiot. Go to Delenn, she'll make it right for you, she'll make them take care of you.

That one single action on Byron's part, I believe was what made the Teep War inevitible versus getting their desires and averting it. (of course this is assuming there isn't a bunch of unexpected stuff that came up, but, from what we know, it seems it all could've been avoided if he had just gone to Delenn)
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