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Re: EpDis: No Compromises

I have to admit...and for those who know me look around for something soft to land on... this episode was just okay for me. It had some wonderful moments, but it just didn't "WOW!" me like the others. I gave it a solid B.

I did like Andreas in this one, very much... as always! I thought he was just excellent. It still amazes me how much emotion and characterization he can push through that heavy make-up without any of it appearing forced or over-animated.

It was touching how dedicated and cute G'kar was about getting that declaration just right, knowing those words would speak for the many worlds represented on Babylon 5.

Hmmmm...what else?.... We also saw the swearing in of President of the Alliance, and we saw Byron. Btw, he may be the reason that I'm not as crazy about this episode.... sorry Byron fans, but I always thought he was a bit of a downer...??

I do remember thinking how sweet that little morning scene was between John and Delenn...complete with kisses, his coffee, her milk, and the "sock" story!

There 's more to share but I'd better give someone else a chance, so I'll stop here....
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