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Re: EpDis: In The Shadow Of Z\'ha\'dum

Kosh had to have some reason to involve himself since Vorlons do not exactly just tag along for the heck of it.
Kosh has had other moments, particularly Council meetings, where he's been known to just stand around like a large kitchen appliance.

I'm not annoyed the idea of Sheridan not picking up on it being that the Vorlons were the other First Ones Delenn was talking about, I just think the specific scripting of the scene doesn't pull off that particular element of the scene all that well. It kind of comes off to me, as a couple of other things do ("What'd she say: All that remains is honor and death." in "Points of Departure" for example) that sounds scripted, or at least performed, to give way too much lingering of time for the viewer to figure it out.
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