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Re: EpDis: Confessions And Lamentations

Most B5 races have a single world (Or empire) Government, and a single religion. So, it's really not a question of what you believe, but, merely a question of if you believe or not. so, if the "State sanctioned" religion goes against something, it's not likely to happen unless very far underground.
Very true and Earth's diversity was identified as one of its strengths several times throughout the show. If Earth had a single religion and a single-centralized government that would not permit research outside of approved limits, then humanity could well face the fate shown in this episode.

I the Early days of AIDs, nothing was done really. So, to me it makes sense when looked at through those eyes.
I see your point and I agree that the hesitation to fully research AIDs cost the lives of millions of people needlessly. Given humanity's tendency to fear and distrust that which it does not understand, I could well see something similar to the early years of AIDs happen again, leading to the deaths of millions more. That still remains separate from a plague that would kill all of humanity.

I do not think we are in disagreement over the folly of allowing prejudice and fear to absolve us of the responsibility to care for those who are suffering. Whether a thousand, ten thousand, or a billion die of a new disease is not the issue. Instead, the episode raises questions about how we as a society respond to those who require aid. Do we put aside our fears or do we ignore their pleas because we view the ill as somehow inferior or tainted?
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