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Re: EpDis: Confessions And Lamentations

I will grant you that it is unlikely that humanity would allow religion to prevent it from studying a disease.

I wouldn't take that for granted.
Well, I make the argument in the sense that Earth is so divided in terms of religious viewpoints. Just as a current example, take the current debate over embryonic stem cells. You have a group of social conservatives who oppose their use in any way, shape, or form. However, they cannot prevent private capital from funding the research. In addition, other government entites--such as the EU--have decided to fund the research.

Will religion, political ideology, and other human ideas continue to hinder scientific discoveries? Yes. Will this interference lead to the deaths of more humans who could have been saved if cures had been researched more vigorously? Yes. However, I do not think that the resistance would be enough to kill all inquiry into a given disease or subject to the point where one disease could wipe out the human race.
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