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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

I don't think you can go Beyond the Rim if you aren't a First One. There is nothing in the interstellar void - no place to make pit stops for fuel and food. So unless both your technology and biology are way advanced, you're not going very far once you're out in the great, gaping blackness were no stars or planets abide. All you're going to have to live on is what you bring with you. And nobody makes a lunch box that big.

Eventually, after many millions of years, the Humans and Minbari, like the Vorlons and the Shadows, will probably go beyond the Rim. By that time the Narn and Centauri may be extinct. Don't forget, JMS's detailed notes end at the point where the Humans have become "First Ones", but the departure from Earth and the move to (presumably) the former Vorlon Homeworld singals the beginning of their tenure as guardians and teachers of the younger races, not its end.

Also, as noted, the Narn and Centauri have been effectively weaned from their cycle of war by the time of "SiL". G'Kar's teachings have started to take hold on a Narn that is returning to its agricultural origins with the aid of Minbari technology (see the short story "True Seeker" for an early glimpse of the process during G'Kar's lifetime) The Centauri have been humbled by having the tables turned on them and being the occupied for a change, and the corrupt political leadership that put them in that position has been purged. Vir can show that Londo's anti-IA propganda was the work of the Drakh and work with the organization and, especially, the Narn. He can also do what Emperor Turhan was unable to do - stand before a Narn as emperor and say, "I'm sorry."

So I doubt they'd either have to withdraw within their own borders or go on squabbling. And by the time the Humans and Minbari leave, the Even Younger races (which will include some more with First One potential) should be able to handle the Centauri and the Narn, who would therefore be unlikely to get out of line.


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