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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

JMS has said that neither the Narn nor the Centauri ever rose to the status of First Ones, but that they didn't become extinct, at least within the compass of the period he outlined (which extends a million years into the future.) Kosh's line refers to both ot them. They are declining, or at least stagnating.
I have read that same commentary from JMS and it leads me to ask one more question: Do the Narn and Centauri go beyond the rim anyway? They may not reach the status of First Ones in terms of evolution but if their civilizations do not vanish, they would become rather powerful technologically. If they remained, their presence might hinder the opportunities for younger races to develop...or perhaps they reach an agreement with the humans and Minbari to pull back to their home systems and withdraw from interstellar affairs.
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