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Re: EpDis: Convictions

I rewatched this episode on DVD tonight and I would have to give it a solid B, mainly due to the G'Kar and Londo scenes. It may not be an arc episode per se but I think it is an important episode leading into Dust to Dust.

While G'Kar had already grown as a character from his quasi-villain role in the first season, he was still bound by his fixation on the Centauri. Granted, the post Dust to Dust G'Kar was far from willing to embrace the Centauri but he had started to see his role and that of his people in a new light.

The episode also had a number of humrous scenes in addition to Londo talking to Lennier. For example, it had Zack Allen telling the Drazi pilgrims "Why don't you go poke the plant for a while so that I can take care of your entry visas." Then it also had Lennier telling an obnoxious human that he had an incurable and contagious disease.
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