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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

JMS has said that neither the Narn nor the Centauri ever rose to the status of First Ones, but that they didn't become extinct, at least within the compass of the period he outlined (which extends a million years into the future.) Kosh's line refers to both ot them. They are declining, or at least stagnating.

Of course, once the Drakh are gone the endless Narn-Centauri conflict does come to an end. The Centauri become a very different people after they suffer decades of occupation, have most of their old political class wiped out and come under the enlightened rule of Vir Coto. They and the Narn may never completely overcome their mutual hatred, and therefore never advance as the Humans and Minbari do, but they don't have to act on it. That's another lesson to be taken from B5 and from history, especially given the current world situation. Catholics and Protestants are no closer on matters of doctrine now than they were when Luther published his 95 theses, but they don't go around burning one another at the stake anymore.


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