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First off, I agree with the idea that it is far more efficient to simply bombard something from orbit. I suspect that planetary bombardment in any form might be frowned upon though. We already know that treaties exist surrounding the use of mass drivers. At the very least, planetary bombardment--even just using regular beam weapons as the Narn and Drazi used in their assault on Centauri Prime--might bring interstellar condemnation.

In a larger sense, that is always something that has bugged me about alien invasion movies. These supposeldy intelligent beings decide to leave the relative safety of space to land on a planet and enable the humans to have a chance to hurt them.

I guess one argument might be that either Earth or the government in question wanted to capture the rebel leaders...or at least keep their bodies intact. If you obliterate the base from orbit, it is harder to show conclusive proof that you managed to eliminate the leaders of the rebellion. I am sure the government then took those bodies and distributed images of them to their news outlets to show the public that the resistance had been crushed.

However, even if this is the case, the tactics employed were still kind of stupid. I can understand wanting to send in ground forces to capture any leaders but why did the helicopter-like craft have to be right on top of the base when engaging its defenses? Even without planetary bombardment, they could have launched missiles at some of the gun emplacements from a hundred miles away or more.
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