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Re: EpDis: Intersections In Real Time

I loved this one.Very dark and very hard,especially the torture techniques.Markas giving his life for Ivanova,very believable,probably the most intense show of love of the series.Good bit of action thrown in too.Londo,my favourite character,gets the fate he allways dreaded.Loved it.
The Marcus event doesn't happen until " Endgame" and as for Londo getting his fate? I don't know. Fall of Centauri Prime? War Without End Part II? This episode is solely Sheridan's interrogation.

I give this one a "good" rating, since the Picard interrogation two-parter on ST:TNG so closely parallels it (and was first).

Favorite Line:

"I see you've been interrogated before. Anyone I know?"
"You'd be surprised."
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