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Re: EpDis: Into The Fire

I suppose the Vorlons and the Shadows had to learn first that these younger races weren't going to play their game anymore. Lorien alone wasn't enough to convince them to take off and leave us alone, the realization that they had no constructive purpose anymore was.
There is also the question of whether Lorien was waiting for evidence that the younger races were ready to be left alone.

It's one thing for him tto know that the babysitters have started worrying more about their methodology debate among themselves than they are about doing their jobs as well as they might. It's something else for him to be convinced that no supervision at all is better than what they have now.

Didn't Lorien make a comment to Sheridan (when he was still dead on Z'ha'dum) about being the first to make it "this far".

Maybe the Vorlons and Shadows would have left earlier if Lorien had gotten their attention sufficiently vigorously and told them to. But maybe *he* was waiting to do that until the younger races had demonstrated to his satisfaction that they didn't need their older babysitters any more.

Naturally, we are well out into the realm of speculation here ...... not reasoning supported by a whole lot of hard evidence.
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