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Re: EpDis: Into The Fire

It probably wasn't a real fight (and hardly a fight to death) for some parties involved. More likely a game, throwing some dice over who gets the plastic chips on table. Remote-controlled ships being plastic chips.

The equivalent confrontation on human scale would probably be a computer game with bets of real money (or at most a game of paintball). Some game-players get addicted to games, some who do may be insane to start with. The murder of Kosh Naranek probably involved some who were. Reminds me of a news headline from last year, telling how one guy had stabbed another (with fatal consequences) when the other sold a virtual item they jointly used in an online game.

Kosh Naranek could have probably saved its life by keeping in mind that some could be insane, and being more careful, whatever physical countermeasures that would have meant in Vorlon terms.

In the eyes of First Ones, the game probably wasn't new either. That round only proved new enough to bring some fresh air and sanity into the situation. Perhaps it was the stains of their own blood on the cards. Perhaps it was the opportunity to have a longer talk than usually, with some pieces from the game who knew about its usual passage. Could have reminded of how pointless it would be keep raising stakes.

"Fuck, we played this the last dozen times. They died and it took millions of years for other species to replace them. The faint-hearted say it's ethically doubtful to play with live toys, the stingy say it's inefficient, the demanding say it doesn't develop you. I'm both and I say it's boring too. I'm packing by bags, I've got a hyperspace hike booked to the end of Universe. Fuck this stupid galaxy, I'm outta here."

That might have been the sentiment among some.
Use of real weapons would have been different.

Esclation to real war would have probably meant going at stars and planets with effective tools. The most effective known tool against massive objects without engines, is a microscopic singularity. With First One technology, this kind of stuff would probably be not only feasible but cheap to make.
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