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Re: EpDis: Into The Fire

It isn't a question of morality winning over all ... the end of the shadow war is about nothing more complex than the younger races realisation that they can stand on their own two feet and shake off their "parents", who have spent the last several thousand years arguing over how best to bring up the kids.

The whole point, for me, is that neither the Vorlons nor the Shadows are good guys or bad guys, they have just lost sight of what they were here to do - which was guide the younger races until they were big enough and daft enough to stand on their own two feet and then "get the hell out of the galaxy".

Through Sheridan, the younger races now have a strong enough understanding of what is going on to make that happen.

I, for one, am really pleased that it didn't end with the mother of all battles, because having built up the power of these two races over three and a bit seasons it was clear that the younger races could never win by strength of arms and I think it would have been a cop out to do it that way.

I found this way to be unexpected and very satisfying but, obviously, YMMV.
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