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Re: EpDis: Moments Of Transition

But what exactly could be achieved with his death that couldn't be by just calling off the war?
Wasn't it the case of the one who stayed in the starfire wheel and gave his/her life for the cause, that one's caste would lead? Delenn elected to stay inside, and give her life. Remember, Lennier said she was making a point? By Delenn not coming out right after Shakiri, somebody in the Religious Caste had to be sacrificed in the starfire wheel. Neroon (Warrrior Caste) believed in her and her cause, and so had to convert to Religious Caste in order save Delenn (Religious Caste) and not alter who's caste would lead. After that, Delenn hand picked the next Grey Council, 5 Worker Caste, 2 Religious Caste, and 2 Warrior Caste.
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