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Re: EpDis: Whatever Happened To Mr Garibaldi?

Love this bunch of eps, but I have one quibble- isn't it kind of surprising that G'Kar risks life and limb to go on a needle-in-a-haystack search for Garibaldi? This is the kind of thing one would do for a loved one or something, but I never fealt that G'Kar and Garibaldi were that close.
G'Kar gave Garibaldi his copy of the Book of G'Quan. That says it all. But what was Marcus doing there? Did Marcus and G'Kar even cross paths other than "A Late Delivary from Avalon?" As much as I enjoyed their banter, Marcus had no strong reason to be with G'Kar--this point became more awkward once G'Kar forced Marcus to leave.

Still, this episode is an A all the way. Look at Andreas's reaction to the light as the cell door closes. Phenomenal work.

This has got to be one of the most quotable episodes of the series, and nearly every starring actor has a chance to shine.

Another thing I love G'Kar's non-sequitor reply to Emperor Cartaiga.

Cartaiga: "And you? Have you anything to say?"
G'Kar: "Do you by chance happen to know where Mr. Garibaldi might be?"
Cartaiga: (Looks back at Londo)
Londo: (shrugs)
Cartaiga: WHO?!!!

Cut to Garibaldi being interrogated.

I have to wonder what JMS was thinking when he had G'Kar ask about Garibaldi in the face of the Emperor of the Centauri. I mean, it was obvious Cartaiga had never heard of him, and it is a testament to Narn resolve, but of all the weird ass things to say . . .
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