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Re: EpDis: Whatever Happened To Mr Garibaldi?

On the other hand, I had gotten the impression ..... through G'Kar's prison sentence and G'Kar's loaning Garibaldi his copy of the Book of G'Quon ...... that the two of them *had* struck up a friendship.

They may not have been the kind the of long time, intimate confidantes that would prompt most people to risk their life on such a low probability chance.

However, they were simply friends. Their relationship was not based upon any mutual advantage that they gained from each other. It was just a basic, enjoy-each-other's-company friendship. It may have "only" been what many of us might think of as a "casual frindship", but, as G'Kar explicitly points out, it is the very first real friend that he had *ever* had who was not a Narn.

Given G'Kar's relatively recent revelations, I can see how that might resonate very deeply with G'Kar at this point.
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