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Re: EpDis: Z\'ha\'dum

Naw, the Vorlons aren't evil just as the Shadows really aren't evil. They represent an ideology: order VS chaos. I don't even think Ulkesh was necessarily evil, just fanatic and narrow.
Well I guess it depends on what we mean by "evil." I personally don't like the word because it seems to imply that it's some sort of force that gets a hold of people or something.

So to me, "evil," is the same "really bad things," defined by some sort of morality and ethics that we as humans decide is right and therefore judged by action, not justification, for everyone has some sort of "justification." Serial killers were abused, Saddam Hussein was "pacifying" his population, Hitler and Milosovich were preserving their race, the janjaweed right now are protecting their own, etc. All "justified"- all evil.

but I see her as this strict Russian who never lets emotion out.
Yeah, that's the idea, but she sure does let it out a lot.

Is it really fair to compare anyone's acting skills to Mira, Andreas or Peter? They're in a class all their own, IMHO.
They're all actors.
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