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Possibly slightly counter-dramatic.
However, JMS had always, as much as possible, followed the dictum that the logic of the situation will out.

Given that he had that glimpse of the future (or possible future) and discussed it Delenn, there is absolutely no way that he would not addess that issue at all in his message to Delenn.

Less is more may not be JMS' calling card
When it came the First Ones (whether Vorlons, Shadows, or Walkers), I would disagree. The absolute rule of JMS' writing when he directly brushed up against any of the First Ones was always an extreme case of "less is more". He kept them out of view as much as possible, and when they were around he kept their words to an absolute minimum (or less). (Well, up until Into the Fire, anyway.)

Any time you attempt to predict the future -- as Sheridan did in his message to Delenn -- the final assumption made leaves itself open to criticism. I love the continuity, but this was an extreme case of it. There have been thousands of works from Greek tragedies to corny Star Trek episodes about deciphering the future--it never works. If the truth is a three-edged sword, then arguing about how future events will occur is an infinitely-bladed weapon. You just cannot do it. Fogetit, Sheridan.

The less is more is just generality, because in general JMS wrote dialogue, plots, and siutations to their edge. Sometimes it was effective; sometimes it was not. Look at that. I just wrote another generality.

For more good acting look to Richard Biggs. (Taken from the scene where Franklin intersects Ivanova.)

Franklin (rushed): I gave him the report. I know he read it!
Ivanova: What report?
Franklin (grimly): There's a problem with Anna . . .

The script set it up so that I could train a monkey to deliver it well, but Biggs voiced it exceptionally.
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