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Re: EpDis: Z\'ha\'dum

It was kind of counter-dramatic to talk about possible futures--it was just a bad idea to talk about the timeline in general, especially at that moment.
Possibly slightly counter-dramatic.
However, JMS had always, as much as possible, followed the dictum that the logic of the situation will out.

Given that he had that glimpse of the future (or possible future) and discussed it Delenn, there is absolutely no way that he would not addess that issue at all in his message to Delenn.

Less is more may not be JMS' calling card
When it came the First Ones (whether Vorlons, Shadows, or Walkers), I would disagree. The absolute rule of JMS' writing when he directly brushed up against any of the First Ones was always an extreme case of "less is more". He kept them out of view as much as possible, and when they were around he kept their words to an absolute minimum (or less). (Well, up until Into the Fire, anyway.)

Check out Ivanova's expression when she hears this. Phenomenal acting. What a look.
There have been discussions of the acting on B5 around here in the past. In them, CC has generally taken a hit as being one of the weaker links in the cast.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I have always thought that CC was a very good *reactor*. Where she tended to come up short (at least in comparison to the likes of AK, PJ, and MF) was when she needed to summon emotion entirely internally (such as entering the scene cold to tell Sheridan about EF's destruction of unarmed refugee ships). However, put Ivanova in a room opposite someone like Marcus or Zathrus or Brother Theo and just let CC react to what they're giving her ...... that was always a strong suit of hers.
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