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Re: EpDis: Z\'ha\'dum

Arguably the best script in the entire 5-year run. Every main character featured in this episode leaves with at least one quotable comment. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of Sheridan on Z'Ha'Dum, Sheridan's message to Delenn, and the Shadows hovering over Babylon 5 all occuring simultaneously is carried out with skillful excellence.

The only qualm I can even dare mention is Sheridan mentioning the possible future he saw in "War without End." It was kind of counter-dramatic to talk about possible futures--it was just a bad idea to talk about the timeline in general, especially at that moment.

Still, "you cannot let that get in the way of the dream" of this episode. The scene on Z'Ha'Dum with Sheridan discussing the Shadows' doctrine amidst Morden, Anna, and Justin displays stunning dialogue. That entire scene is worthy of memorization. That shit is wonderful.
Even better is when things hit the peak once the Shadows drop the diplomatic act. (Ironically, Justin exclaiming: "But you do what you are told! And so will you!" before the Shadow steps in sounds unbelievably Vorlon.)
Sheridan's run through the corridors of Z'Ha'Dum is something I would pay money to see, but to leave it off screen is a gamble that pays off. Less is more may not be JMS' calling card, but leaving out that scene leaves so much to the imagination. Plus, Sheridan's bloody ascent to the top of the tower is thematically breathtaking. There is no more than five minutes of real time in between Sheridan firing his PPG at that Shadow and the climb to the tower, but leaving out that five minutes - somehow - makes a drastic effect.

The usage of Kosh . . . oh Hell yeah! Sheridan in his quarters preparing for Z'Ha'Dum and seeing Kosh in the mirror was good; having Kosh speak to him on the edge was better.

G'Kar's narration at the end is, quite obviously, well done, but what I like even more is how it is interrupted by Corwin's news to Ivanova:
"There's one more thing. We checked the fighter bays. One of the fighters we sent out didn't come back."
"Who was the pilot?"
"Mr. Garibaldi."

Check out Ivanova's expression when she hears this. Phenomenal acting. What a look.

From the moment the snowglobe shatters, this episode is perfect.
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