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Re: EpDis: And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place

(And didn't JMS write that gospel music? After Walkabout he seems to be on a songwriting roll)
No, JMS didn't write the gospel song. Some of the things he said about it from the Lurker's Guide:

-Where does the title come from?
It's from an old gospel song/spiritual.

-Did Harlan Ellison suggest it?
No, as a rule, Harlan doesn't suggest titles; "Rock" came from the quote from the Bible, which was later made into a gospel song, used in the show. So it's a real song, though I did write 2 for "Walkabout."

-Why's it called that? Because it's quite appropos. How do we fit it? Not a big deal. Longest title up to now was one I did for MURDER, SHE WROTE, a quote from Moby Dick, "To The Last Shall I Grapple With Thee."

-The song in "Rock" is an old gospel song. I've always had a soft spot for old gospel songs and spirituals because of their wonderful use of language and imagery, and you can dance to 'em. Not that I dance, but the theory is there, at least.
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