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Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing

???? Did you forget about a guy named Byron?
I keep trying to forget Byron, but people keep bringing him up! <Gag>

Aldous Gajic and Jinxo weren't annoying. Lorien certainly wasn't.

Byron (and any other character with RAD's voice)
Shon, M'Ola and Tharg (Believers - the kid and his parents)
Lianna Kemmer (Survivers)
Elizabeth Sheridan (Revelations)
Forell and Phillipe (Lines of Communications)
Religious #1 ( from "Rumors Bargains
and Lies" - the guy who's talking)

...and several of the commentators in The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, although they were <u>supposed</u> to be annoying.

Henry Ellis (the carbon copy of James Carville)

Dr. Tashaki (the snarky asian famale commentator - She could play Herazade <Ptui!> any day! Perfect casting. )

Dr. William Exeter (the one who Delenn made ashamed of himself, along with Tashaki.)

Sindell (the head of the Ranger Council) - To Live and Die in Starlight (TLaDiS)

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