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Re: EpDis: War Without End Part One

I watched this again last night before commenting on it. Bearing in mind that you I shouldn't judge this episode without considering the second part too, I still think that this first part is too slow and talky. Loads and loads of exposition, (admittedly quite interesting exposition), and maybe it would have benefitted if John Schuck had been around to play Draal, but it seems to be waiting to pack everything into the second episode. Still, its great to see Sinclair (although his costume is rubbish) and Zathras, and the message from the future is pretty ominous. But, a part of me wishes that we could have seen that great battle for real, based on the scene in Babylon Squared.

The SFX are pretty good though- has the White Star looked better than in this episode?

The bits in the future on Centauri Prime are the best parts. In a sense, that matters to the five year storyline more than the Sinclair/Valen plot does. War Without End almost feels like an aside to the main plot that has been building up throughout the season. JMS said that he found these the most difficult episodes of the season to write, and it shows a little bit. Still, it does have one of the best time-travel plots seen on TV even if the execution isn't that perfect in my mind, and I'm looking forward to going back and watching the second part tonight. I'd give this first part a B-.
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