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Re: EpDis: Passing Through Gethsemane

I called his death an effective suicide, because I do note that it isn't excactly what we call suicide. But, I don't doubt for a minute that Brother Edwards expected to be killed, if he stayed, and didn't seek protection. He probably did hope it wouldn't happen, and did see facing death this way as an act of contrition. But still, he chose to remain in a situation he believed was near-certain death, when he could have most likely avoided it, and lived. So, I still think there is an element of suicide about it, but as I pointed out in my first post, I think there is a strong element of self sacrifice, to prevent himself from possibly harming others in the future. It IS a very nuanced, complex and subtle situation. A fine ep, which raises many questions!

Addendum: I find some, very slight, resembelance of this situation to what is called "suicide by cop," only in the sense that both share knowingly acting in a way that will bring about one's death at the hands of others. But, some "sbc" people may also feel they need to sacrifice themselves for others... Of course, we know something of Brother Edwards character, and motives, but nothing certain in the "sbc" cases we see in the media.
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