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Re: EpDis: Passing Through Gethsemane

Ah, thanks Jan. So yea, that does make it pretty clear it is a device, not a telpath, doing the actual death of personality.

And I certainly can see a person like brother Edward fearing he might turn back into the person he was before, once his old memories began to return.

I know this is a love-or-hate episode. And it certainly raises some interesting questions for those who believe in spiritual salvation of the Christian kind:

How do you repent for crimes you don't even remember? I thought that comprehending what was wrong in what you did was a necessary step towards true absolution, but I might be mistaken in that.

If you do "kill" one personality, and "create" another, where does the soul fit in all of this? Does the soul die when the personailty does? Is a new one created?

And again, that ending that I love so much: as much as we admire forgiveness, when it gets personal, can we find it within ourselves to be forgiving?
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