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Re: EpDis: Passing Through Gethsemane

How was the death of personality carried out? My brain is like a sieve these days. Did the Psi Corps do it? If so. . .now that IS a terrifying thought. . .talk about a weapon for pacification. We mundanes wouldn't stand a chance.
It wasn't absolutely specified I'm pretty sure that the telepaths only scan before and after but the wipe is done mechanically somehow. In 'The Quality of Mercy' the Ombuds said:

"...It is therefore the decision of this court that you be sentenced to the death of personality. You will be committed under guard to a medlab facility, where you will be telepathically scanned, and then brainwiped. The personality of Karl Edward Mueller will be totally and completly erased. After a second scan to determine that the personality that committed the crimes has been eradicated, you will then be programmed with a new set of memories...."

And in the next scene Franklin mentions that he'll need to check over the equipment to make sure the process is painless.
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