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Re: EpDis: Passing Through Gethsemane

Hi Hypatia!

Actually, I was making a reference to the Biblical Gathsemane and Jesus. One of those early portent-laden analogies of Sheridan as Christ-like figure, played out with another, more expendable character in the role of sacrificial lamb. That's also how poor Brother Edward thought of it as well, hence his comments about not knowing whether or not, should the ultimate sacrifice be asked of him, like Jesus in the Garden, would he be able to surrender himself up to the mob and destiny.

I agree, it was a terrible loss, but acted as a great morality fable when the ring leader of Brother Edward's persecutors ends up as Theo's newest accolyte. What is the nature of forgiveness and sacrifice, and also the meaning of justice versus punishment. It certainly left Sheridan speechless and the expression on Brother Theo's face was pricelss as he delivered the final message.

And yes. . .a truly touching ending.

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