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Re: EpDis: A Late Delivery From Avalon

If you think nuts in costume are inherently implausible you've obviously never seen footage of a Klan rally or attended an SF convention. And apart from that, what was silly or implausible or whatever the objection is about the episode?
I never said it was implausible, that is in the logical or scientific sense. I said it was retarded- you know, the slang way of using the word.

I just think it comes off stupid. It feels like JMS just really wanted to somehow stick in the King Arthur legend... again (apparently the horrid Grail episode wasn't enough).

It's the same thing with Jack the Ripper- the idea of a Vorlon popping into 19th century London to abduct a serial killer is pretty lame. I remember reading JMS writing about the Ripper murders- the guy obviously is into the subject, so, like the Arthur thing, he was looking for a way to involve these characters he likes and had to concoct some absurd premises to put them on a space station in the 23rd century. Star Trek did the same thing and it was also generally dumb.

I'm almost surprised Gandalf and Number 6 never appeared on the show also.

And then thinking about the logic of the episode makes me cringe. Ok, the guy has PST- for 10 years? Has he been thinking he's King Arthur the whole time? If so, he's galavanting about the galaxy picking fights with people and ranting like a lunatic and nobody stops or kills him or puts him away? Or did it just suddenly pop up recently. Can that happen?

And then he recognises Marcus' British accent, which of course sounds nothing like a British accent would have in King Arthur's time. So the guy is an obsessed Arthur fan but wouldn't know that?

Either way... people... it's King Arthur... in freakin' space! WTF?
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