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Re: EpDis: A Late Delivery From Avalon

The premise of the show is pretty retarded IMO
The premise reminded me of one of the very best M*A*S*H episodes, the one where an Air Force bombadier wakes up one day believing he is Jesus Christ.* I don't think either show was "silly", and there's nothing odd about the notion that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can and does produce effects up to and including completely dellusional belief systems. Is believing you're King Arthur any stranger than believing you're Jesus Christ or Napoleon? There are plenty of people in mental hospitals around the world who believe both, not to mention the various Sherlock Holmeses, Jeannes D'Arc and Cleopatras that are probably floating around. If you think nuts in costume are inherently implausible you've obviously never seen footage of a Klan rally or attended an SF convention. And apart from that, what was silly or implausible or whatever the objection is about the episode?



* Which contained the following classic, and theologically quite sound, exchange:

Doctor: Is it true that God answers every prayer?

"Jesus Christ": Yes. Sometimes the answer is, "No."
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